Rich Pic e1713295061711NorthStar Forge is excited to welcome its newest guest instructor, ABS Journeyman Smith Rich Patterson of Patterson Blades, to share his knife-making skills as part of a rough-forged chef knife class in June.

NorthStar Forge Founder Jason Kraus met Patterson in 2018 at the Midwest Knifemaker’s Guild Hammer-in and became friends over their shared interests.

“Rich is an up-standing individual who is always willing to help others in the craft and has plethora of knowledge in his skills,” Kraus said. “We’re happy to have him involved in NorthStar Forge.”

Patterson, a native of Ohio, has been making knives since about 2006. He said it was initially just for fun, but he became more serious about it in the past seven years.

“In the beginning, I was just grinding blades; I soon realized that it wasn’t for me,” Patterson said. “There’s something really special about being able to heat a piece of steel and mold it with a hammer,” he said. “Plus, it’s way more fun!”

Journeyman Set

Rich Patterson’s Journeyman set.

In 2022, the two tested together for Journeyman Smith and shared in their victories during Blade Show Atlanta.

Getting his Journeyman Smith certification with Kraus was one of the most fulfilling aspects of knife-making, Patterson said. “It was pretty stressful at times, but it really helped to have someone local to go through it at the same time and bounce ideas off.”

The two continue taking classes together to advance in their knife-making skills and techniques, and most recently took a damascus frame handle class with Master Smith Josh Fisher in Texas.

Patterson’s preferred knife to make is really any type of culinary knife, which is also why he’s excited to teach it to others.

“There’s something about knowing that the tool will actually be used on a regular basis,” he said. “It has to actually work, not just look cool.”

In 2022, Patterson gifted Kraus and his new wife Kristen a small integral chef knife as their wedding gift and it’s become one of Kristen’s favorite knives to use in the kitchen due to its size and versatility.

Expanding class offerings has been a goal for NorthStar Forge, including offering multiple-day classes where students can learn to make more advanced knives that require more than a day to finish.

Chef Knife e1713307073431

An example of the rough-forged chef knife students will make with Rich Patterson.

By collaborating with other bladesmiths and inviting them to teach, NorthStar Forge can provide more opportunities for students to be able to gain instruction on a wider range of techniques from talented smiths from around Minnesota and beyond.

As part of Patterson’s upcoming class, students will learn to make a 5-8 inch rough-forged chef knife. It’s more than perfect for everyday kitchen use!

“I think this class will be great for anyone who really likes to cook and wants to have a closer connection with their tools,” Rich said. “There’s something really special about being able to use a tool that you made with your own hands. It will be a couple days of hard work, but they’ll end up leaving with a really cool product. And they can brag to their friends that they made it!”

The first chef knife class will take place Friday and Saturday, June 14-15. Size is limited to three students. If this class doesn’t work for your schedule, there will be additional opportunities in the summer and fall.

Register here for the Two-Day Chef Knife Classes.

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