Where the Art of the Sword Lives On

Given it is the 21st century, swords are not precisely ‘necessary.’ But if you are anything like our owner Jason, you’ve never lost an appreciation for what they are or the period era in which they were used. The design of NorthStar’s hand-forged custom swords is inspired by history and fantasy combined.

They are indeed works of art.

NorthStar Forge is proud to use only the highest quality high-carbon steel when crafting our swords. Steels most commonly used in the construction of our swords include:


  • 1075 Steel
  • 1095 Steel
  • 5160 Steel

Note: Swords can be made with a false edge if they are intended for reenactment. That doesn’t mean we can’t add a true edge to your blade at a later date.

Start to Finish Construction Time: Call to discuss- based on customization.