Lets Talk About Hand Forged Products

Whether you’re an experienced knife collector or just getting started with your first custom blade, it’s a safe bet that you’ll have questions. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we hear at NorthStar Forge every day. If you can’t find your answer below, we’re more than happy to assist with any other questions you may have!

Our Custom Knife Design Process

Our seven-step design process brings quality materials to life and gives shape to knives that are just as much art as they are functional. While not every project is the same, this process ensures a quality product that you’ll be able to enjoy and use for years to come.

How long does it take to make a knife?

The time it takes to make a custom knife can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the knife. Where a railroad spike knife takes just a little over a day, a custom Bowie knife can take 10 days plus.

Can you get started on my project immediately?

Start times my vary, depending on  the time of year and scope of the project.

How far ahead should I place my order for a special occasion, holiday, etc?

Placing an order as far in advance as possible is encouraged . Usually an order can be completed within two to three weeks depending on how busy the shop is- but it doesn’t hurt to contact us to see if anything can be done sooner.

Will you do a drawing or custom model before making the actual piece?

More often than not we come up with a sketch before making the blades. This allows us to show you what we have in mind for your project. This gives you the chance to make any revisions to your knife, and for us to answer any questions you my have about your project before putting hammer to steel. *Please keep in mind we’re much better at making knives than we are at drawing ?

I'm not really sure what Materials or Design I want. Can you help me with some selections?

We absolutely can help you with choosing your materials and design. We can help you determine the shape of your knife depending on you use for it. We can also explain the different types of handle materials and their different properties. Anything from wood, bone, antler, micarta, leather and many other handle materials are fair game!

What is the typical maintenance for a NorthStar Forge Knife?

High carbon steel, which most Northstar Forge knives are made of, tends to tarnish with use, especially when in contact with acidic things. This is completely normal. To minimize tarnish however, we recommend keeping your blade dry and oiled at all times. A good mineral oil will suffice.

Is there a warranty with my purchase?

Yes, we guarantee all of our knives with normal usage. This means edge retention, handle construction, and blade strength. Keep in mind rock always beats steel!

Do you ship anywhere in the U.S?


Is there a refferal program with NorthStar forge?

Yes – for every 5 referrals that can be tracked back to you directly, you will receive a credit for 10% of those 5 purchases combined. For example, if all 5 referrals spent $1,000 (or $5,000 combined), you would receive a credit for 10% of the total: $500.

What is Damascus Steel?

Also known as pattern welded steel, Damascus steel uses two different types of steels and layers them in a staggered formation. For example, a durable combination NorthStar Forge uses involves forging a high carbon 1095 steel and a high nickel steel 15-N20 together to form one piece of steel. Once the steel is forged, ground, and heat-treated, it is then etched in acid to bring out the distinct pattern. The nickel resists the acid more than the high carbon steel thus creating the instantly recognizable Damascus pattern.

A common misconception is that Damascus steel is a harder type of steel than all other steels. In reality, Damascus steel can’t be any harder than the steel it was originally made from. The allure of Damascus steel comes from its unique pattern that is always one of a kind.

What is the Difference between a hidden and full tang blade design?

In a full tang blade design, the blade is visible throughout the length of the handle. A hidden tang blade design conceals the blade within the handle.

NorthStar Forge Knife

Jason at Northstar Forge did an amazing job on a friendship knife for me. He and I were able to come up with a knife and sheath specially tailored to my friends personality, heritage, knife preferences in colors, blade shape and hand size all in a limited timeframe and still kept it fully functional. I felt he pulled out all the stops in making this knife, and at an exceptional value. From design to finished product, I could not have asked for anything more.