Materials And Design


Quality Artisan Materials

Northstar Forge takes pride in using only the finest and most durable materials in all our products to give you an experience you can depend on again and again. Along with materials listed below, we enjoy using reclaimed items to form new beautiful knives, swords, sheaths, and more!


      • High Carbon Steel
      • Damascus
      • Railroad Spike
      • Leaf Spring
      • File


      • Micarta
      • Wood
      • Bone
      • Antler
      • Leather
      • Birch Bark


      • Wrought Iron
      • Stainless Steel
      • Nickel
      • Silver
      • Brass
      • Bronze
      • Mild Steel
      • Copper


      • Copper
      • Stainless Steel
      • Silver
      • Mosaic Pins
      • Brass
      • Aluminum



      • Mirror
      • Sandblasted
      • Hamon


      • Leather type of choice
      • Leather color of choice
      • Fasteners
      • Rings (brass, bronze, or sliver)
      • Rivets
      • Stitching
      • Fire starters (optional)
      • Bottle openers (optional)

      Our Custom Knife Design Process

      Our seven-step design process brings quality materials to life and gives shape to knives that are just as much art as they are functional. While not every project is the same, this process ensures a quality product that you’ll be able to enjoy and use for years to come.

      Step 1: Choose the design and use of your knife

      Step 2: Choose your blade’s materials

      Step 3: Choose your handle material

      Step 4: For blades with guards and pins, choose shape and material

      Step 5: Choose the finish of your blade

      Step 6: Choose customization options such as the engraving and/or etching of

      Step 7: Choose the sheath shape and material

      My knife from Northstar Forge was far better than I could have ever expected. Frankly, we were blown away! I was extremely pleased with the obvious attention to detail and fine finish of blade, handle, and the box! The knife itself is a true work of art- The handle is made from a local tree that had fallen nearby. The box is quite possibly worth the price we paid for the knife and is absolutely gorgeous. The knife and the box – they both have a story and have become quite the conversation piece in our home. I would recommend Jason to anybody!