Timeless Tools

Northstar Forge custom made hunting knives designed for everyday use despite their classic beauty. A knife you can wear on your side and use daily. It is more than a great conversation or accessory piece; it’s your go-to knife during your hunting adventures, and when doing all the household projects that never cease to end.

Knife Styles & Steels

A standard hunting knife has a 3-5” blade length. Custom Hunting knives made in a variety of shapes and sizes from the drop point, spear point, straight back, Scandinavian, to name a few. Northstar Forge proudly uses only the finest high-carbon steel.

Steels typically used in our hunting knives include:

  • 1095 Steel
  • 1084 Steel
  • 5160 Steel
  • Damascus Steel
blade styles
blade cross section

Personalizing Your Knife Handle

Once forged, the blade is ground and heat-treated, it is then ready for a handle. Hunting knife handles are either a full tang or hidden tang. Personalize your knife by picking the handle material, pins, and guard material if applicable. Add a logo etching, which could be a family crest, name, or special date, to the blade finish. The outcome is sure to be one of a kind heirloom

Start to Finish Construction Time: 2-4 days, depending on the style and materials chosen.

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