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In the North Country


Tested &
In the North Country

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Welcome to NorthStar Forge

Custom knife making classes

Founded by ABS Journeyman Smith Jason Kraus.
Minnesota’s premier knife makers for custom made knives, swords, metal jewelry, knife accessories and more.
NorthStar Forge also offers a variety of classes where students learn the skills of the trade while creating their own knives and works of art.


Select from a number of classes and learn the art of blacksmithing and bladesmithing.

Hand-forged Knives

Learn about our hand-crafted knives and create your perfect blade!

In-Stock Products

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Custom Products

Learn about our custom products such as sheaths, jewelry, roses, rings & more

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A Custom Experience For Every Client

“I received this beauty today it’s everything I hoped it would be. This will get plenty of use on
my next camping trip . . . although it’s going to be hard putting the first scratches on that gorgeous
blade. I’ll take good care of it!”


Stunning Craftsmanship, Artisan Touch

At NorthStar Forge, not only do we craft stunning heirloom pieces fired by your passions – we also gain inspiration from the beauty surrounding us in Minnesota’s great outdoors.