PHOTO 2024 03 12 09 58 392If you’ve browsed our online shop, you’ve seen the knives from the talented Luke Dellmyer – Jason’s dear friend and fellow ABS Journeyman Smith. Whether it’s his awesome folding knives or his Damascus camp knives, we’re excited to host his craftsmanship!

Jason met Luke when they competed on Discovery Channel’s Master of Arms in 2018, which filmed near Luke’s home and shop in Hellertown, PA.

What started as a friendly competition quickly forged into a brotherhood.

Now, the two exchange bladesmithing ideas, collaborate on projects, and champion each other’s successes.

Luke’s forging journey started when he was 16 through the farrier of his family farm.

“He then asked me to come help him out and ultimately learn the trade. As an admirer, I jumped at this opportunity,” Luke explained.

He took to this trade quite naturally and developed his own style and skill in horse-shoeing over the next 20 years.

“I knew shoeing was not all that I was interested in,” Luke said, remembering his teenage years and watching a friend’s father blacksmithing at their home.

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Luke hosted Master Smith Josh Fisher (right) for a damascus class

From ‘quick projects’ such as bottle openers, roses, vessels, and organic sculptures to the more ornamental projects like tables, gates, railings, and candelabras, Luke takes on just about any order and loves to create the picture his client is asking for.

In 2016, his passion for blacksmithing went in a new direction and he began his bladesmithing journey.

PHOTO 2024 03 12 09 58 39“I have always been fortunate to have worked as an apprentice or assistant to several well-known, world-class blacksmiths and farriers. My bladesmithing skills fall into the same tradition, with me having the honor of working with some of the best smiths to mold my bladesmithing into what it is today,” he said.

While Jason spent a short time mentoring Luke, it didn’t take long before “his skills quickly exceeded mine,” Jason said with a laugh.

In August 2023, Luke’s creativity, hard work and dedication was put to the test in Troy, Ohio as he became certified as a journeyman smith through the American Bladesmithing Society. Assuredly, Jason was there to celebrate his friend’s accomplishments, which included the James R. Lucie Award for Best Knife Submitted by a New Journeyman Smith.

Today, Luke continues advancing his skills of the trade and teaching bladesmithing classes, while also operating a 26-stall horse training facility with his wife.

Be sure to check out Luke’s amazing works of art and consider adding to your knife collection. Click here to shop.

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Team Dellymer – Luke is pictured with his friends and fellow bladesmiths – including Karis Fisher; who, at 19 years old tied for the youngest master smith – during the Blade Show in Troy, Ohio, August 2023.

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